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Residential Plumbing

All plumbing predicaments in the house, even if it’s a simple case of leaking toilet drains or kitchen faucets, can be a huge source of stress for the homeowners. Don’t wait longer or it can get worse. Avail of our residential plumbing services.

Commercial Plumbing

Our expert plumbers can provide you with all your commercial plumbing needs, from the construction of a plumbing system from scratch in a new office building to the replacement of old fixtures in your toilet.

Drain Cleaning

One of our specialties is drain cleaning. So it doesn’t matter if the clog in your drains is because of waste food and grime build-up or because of a bigger problem. Our experts can handle all those from diagnosis to providing the right solution. That, after all, is what we do best.

Water Heaters

Ever since we started our business in Katy TX, we have been the #1 choice when it comes to water heaters – whether it’s the traditional type of the innovative tank-less ones, from installation to repairs.

CALL NOW and we’ll give you $150 OFF on new water heater installation, up and running in just ONE HOUR!

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